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witnesses are questioning the decision by the chicago police officers to shoot and kill an armed teen at a train station. i'm steve sanders. i'm allison payne. we welcome wgn america viewers. judy wang is live at the garfield station with details. >> reporter: chicago police say the officers involved had to defend themselves but some people on the train saw things
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differently. with the witnesses disputing the account, relatives say they will investigate. >> he was giving up, he was in the mode of giving up. he is done, he is not running. he got rid of the weapon. >> reporter: that man was a rider who witnessed the shooting that killed george lash. he said he was not going anywhere when the officer fired. they say he was on a red line train with a gun. two officers approached him at the garfield stop. he fought with the officers and pointed a gun with them. that's why they shot him. i spoke with his brother and step brother. they said they never believed he would point a gun at police. an aunt will seek the advice of an attorney. >> we will bury him then we
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will fight for him. we'll not say he was a brilliant kid, he did nothing wrong. he had his faults. we're not perfect. she should have been doing her job the right way. >> reporter: relatives are angry about comments that the superintendent made this weekend. he came out in defense of the officers. they are angry he did that because they were made before the review authority completed the probe. there is a camera at the stop and officials are looking at the video. police and the dcfs are trying to figure out how a baby downed in a bucket of water in their south side home. jahan taver was found dead at the home on saturday. family members say that the baby rolled off a bed in the sleep and fell into the bucket. the medical examiner conducted
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an autopsy but has not concluded if it is an accident. a university of illinois student drowned in a rafting accident. she fell out rafting in river in west virginia. she was pinned under rocks. her body was not recovered until eight hours later. we do not know which campus she acontinueded. no one else was hurt. carol moseley-braun is getting closer to throwing her hat into the ring in the race for mayor. julian crews has more on the story. >> reporter: another candidate in the race. she is giving the okay to a committee to start gathering signatures to put her on the ballot. she will travel around chicago talking to people about what they are looking for in a
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mayor. >> this will take place in wards and neighborhoods and boardrooms. we'll make sure those who work and pay taxes are not left out of the conversation. >> reporter: the former senator and former presidential candidate has not decided but she and supporters are testing the crowded waters now that richard daley is stepping aside. she has been running a beverage company. if she succeeds in getting the nomination, it will be a big political come back. missteps and scandal blamed her single term in the senate. she was defeated in her re- election bid. due, in part, to the allegations of miss management. one was a trip.
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>> remember the trip she did not register. she never performed the state department. some could say this is local but those decision-making choices will come into play. >> you can only wave the flag for so long. >> she defended herself saying she achieved the highest security clearance in appointments to be an ambassador overseas after losing her seat in the senate. one thing pointed out, she will not have to spend a lot in trying to boost her name recognition. , she could be on on a long list of candidates. two other names mentioned are jesse jackson, jr. >> and his wife. and robert jordan is live where the jacksons were supposed to take part in a rally for jobs.
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>> reporter: right now i'm on the southeast side right near the lake. hind me is that large 30-acre plot which is where the u.s. steel plant used to stand. they are talking about making it a mutual use facility bringing in the jobs. and the union brought their truck through, because, they had union members here staging a rally talking about backing candidates who will put people to work. >> up with of those to speak was jesse jackson, jr. and he is being mentioned as a potential candidate to run for mayor of chicago to replace richard daley. but he was a no show leaving his wife to deal with the
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reporter's questions concern hog in the family is planning on running for mayor. the congressman or she? >> i have considered it, i'm less inclimbed to to it. i believe whoever does it has to understand the nature of the city's finances and has to have a reach that's tkphroeubl enough to help companies emerge into the markets. and one with that qualification to steer in the future. my husband has that absolutely. >> the congressman, we're told, was home sick with the flu. as you heard she does not sond
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like a candidate but her husband sounds undecided. >> thank you, robert. a scary moment in yesterday's cubs game. a bat was broken to left field. and the edge struck tyler colvin. he remains hospitalised in miami. he is undergoing tests to avoid a collapsed hung. he will be out for the season. the increase of broken bats have concerned many officials for the reason. what started out ugly was a well rounded after. after the line could not proparticular i jay cutler. he found the end zone three times. defense held its own creating
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three turnovers. bears get a big win. we'll have more later in sports. next a panel says the recession is over. later you better stop or else. the crackdown in crosswalks because of a new law.
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the longest recession post world war ii is over says economic research, a panel of experts that tracks recessions. the group said it lasted 18 months starting in december 2007 and it ended last year
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june 2009. it backs up what many have believed. it adds any future down turn would mark the start of a new recession. if the economy starts shrinking again it would mark a double- dip recession similar to what happened in 1981 through 1982. igor is losing steam but not before pounding bermuda. it passed about 40 miles west of the island but it knocked down trees with 75-mile per hour winds. it has weakened to a category 1 and veering northeast from the us and forecasters say it will cause high surf along the seaboard. the nation of perhaps is stepping up its anti-terror vigilance after new threats against the transportation network in the city of paris. officials say that the threat is real but will not elaborate
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on what security measures are taken. in recent days there is a false bomb threat at the eiffel tower and five workers kidnapped along with two colleagues. last yeek the french senate voted to ban burkas in france. the suspect in the murder of a police chief has been picked up in new york. valerie hamilton had been missing since wáez and her body was found in a storage unit. her father is the police chief in concord. he was picked up where he used to live and where he was cop victoried on a rape charge. the caffeine made him do it, that's what a lawyer is saying, made his client strangele his wife. the lawyer said the 33-year-old was mentally unstable after
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consuming soda, energy drinks and diet pills. he will go on trial for the murder. the strategy has a precedent. it worked in washington state where a man was cleared of running down two people with his car. a wildfire in utah is forcing families out of their homes. 1400 homes have been evacuated just outside of salt lake city. the fire started when a dry brush caught fire during a training camp. two homes were destroyed. two firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation. the oil well that spewed the crude into the gulf is dead at last. five months after an explosion sank a drilling rig the plug has sealed the bp well. a pressure test proved that the
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well is dead. but there is plenty of oil in the gulf. and the explosion killed 11 workers. e collin powell said immigrants have done repairs at his house, that was part of the call to support immigration reform. >> immigration is what is keeping the country's life blood moving forward, they enrich our culture. we have to protect the borders but at the same time treat our immigrant population with respect and dignity and give them a path to citizenship. >> he supports the proposal that would give children of illegal as chance to be citizens if they go to college or serve in the military. look for the union label. the teamstersed ad 40 members by organizing the country's first group of unionised growers. they are gardeners, trimmers
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and cloners for a business that provides pot for patients. it has the loosest laws but no one knows what protections they will have pause it is considered a crime. still ahead a panel considers a genetically modified animal for food. before you miss a chance, when you can take advantage of the rebate program. from red to white to dessert, we're learning the best pairings for meals.
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per ounce this morning as the dollar weakened. and it is driving investors to gold as a safe haven. the dollar weakened on speculation that the reserve will consider measures to maintain low buying costs. to keep the country from slipping back into recession which we emerged from officially back in june. and in a exclusive, we have leadershipped that gmac mortgage, now known as allied fm, told brokers to stop convictions and lockouts in 23 states. that's good news for troubled homeowners. on the merger's and acquisitions monday, ibm is
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gaining technology. and it ept greats hardware with programs that annallize it. and could boeing face a nightmare with the dream liner. and one expert says that seven weeks have passed since the blow out of the engine on a rolls royce test bed. noter boeing or rollsdommed whether it was the testing or the way it was designed. and stocks are surging after better than expected earnings. ibm's takeover. and that's the headlines. live in. police are warning about identity theft after an increase in debit card fraud. you can look out for devices that are attached to scanners. and they look like they're part
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of the scanner but they can steel information. 200 people had information stole after they used their cards in processry stores. here are a few other tips. shred documents. >> do not carry a pin in your card. use your debateit card as a credit card. >> a chance to take advantage of the rebate program for appliances. this friday shoppers can get a rebate. rebates will be covered from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. or until the money runs out. look for the energy star label. police op a ticketing
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a warning about texting and driving. daths from texting drill wifing are at epidemic numbers. nearly 5500 people lost their lives in crashes last year due to distracted drivers. the number is down 6% from last year but the transportation secretary says that this year's stat could be higher because many report does not mention democratted driving. more drivers are fetting
12:25 pm
ticket force a crosswalk law. >> and we'll explain, this is a big difference in the new law. the old law said you had to yield now you have to stop. >> yield means different things. stop is university, it means stop. so that law went into effect. what i find is that they have not heard about t when i called idot to get some statistics he had not heard of the law. >> so, are the police targeting certain areas. >> and they are. they a focusing within there have been previous accidents. they written 800 tickets. and they're now focusing in
12:26 pm
other areas, particularly downtown where there are problems. >> you found that the law is beingignored there, right? >> that's the highest counts for pedestrian traffic in the city, it is a complex location cars, trucks, buses, and if interest are people in the crosswalk. you know tough put blame on some pedestrians who go against the traffic signs. >> john, can we clarify if a pedestrian is hit it is the driver's fault, right? >> in most cases it will be. if interest if there is a
12:27 pm
crosswalk you must come to a stop. there is no one there. and someone tarts out and there is an accident. i tonight think the driver be with blamed in that situation. they are going after the people in a hurry. they're not thinking about the well fair of areas. >> there are aggressive pedestrians, too. they march and they charge forward. >> that's why the aids in the area need to to more. they can write helm. and you have they cannot get through because the pedestrians
12:28 pm
ignore the signs. >> you're right. >> it is an eye opener, over 1000 serious injuries. >> 1 thou to -- 1000 people hit in crosswalks. this is a safety zone and it shows that we have a problem here that needs to be addressed. the police are not going often the fringe cases. >> great story. we'll saul you. good for you. [ laughter ] >> , read more at and getting around. the forecast is next. bears talk about yesterday's big win over the cowboys.
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it will be summer again tomorrow. >> it will. the air is coming from 900 miles away. if you track the source region it is the texas, oklahoma border. it will warm up. we have storms going today, steve and allison. happy monday by the way. >> it is kind of cloudy, we had a hurricane go across bermuda and in our area, we have
12:32 pm
lightning flashing, 350 cloud to ground lightning strokes. >> this is the warm front. they will gust to 30 miles an hour, but they ought to bring a temperature increase. it's not very summer like now. we have come off a nice weekend. it did not produce the rains that had been predicted by the models but it came down good saturday morning. 72 at this hour at whitney young high school. the gusts 64 at lake geneva and a warm spot across the area and 73 in east chicago. and 72 at midway.
12:33 pm
winds are picking up and southeast and then when the front goes across they will turn south-southwest. 72 at geneva. interest there is salk village. how the suburbs are in on the cloud cover. look at the wave action. storms and showers see them there. that's part of the flow of the moist air and that's interacting who he --ibilitier acting here. it has opinion to the north and the west. sunny and up to 30s warmer -- warmer than # 4 hours ago in the mass.
12:34 pm
there will be a warm up. you can see the clouds but once that swings through we'll have a dry period. they could be strong. we're getting high energy readings a lot of heat and humidity and to fuel those storms. temperatures 65 and 84 in st. louis. 85 at oklahoma city. that's where the weather is coming from. look at the air gathering in canada. there is no push of the south region. it sets up lines. look at the temperature increases. 30 warmer.
12:35 pm
that's huge. and the powerful winds the same ones that will lock into the area. spring to summer and here is the moisture plot. so the storms will produce downpours. winds south toáeplt and dew point at 52%. 69 is the water temperature. here is our chicago forecast. for this afternoon cloudy and turning windy. clusters of storms, some capable of downpours. winds will be increasing as the
12:36 pm
day goes on. cloudy and breezy. warmer and more humid storms coming through tonight. lows 64. that's a warm front going across the area. behind it winds will be south and southwest partly sunny. a high of 89. a cool front and cloudy at times. 89 and 72. that's a drop. >> three of the 5 had 90s. >> time to break out the sleeveless muscle shirt.
12:37 pm
>> it was packed away. >> some of us about # 5 years ago. >> a trivia quiz. which is not considered part of the red pour due. the answer ahead.
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12:39 pm
bears were not favored to win but they turned in a well- rounded effort to surprise the doubters. the offensive line lost chris williams.
12:40 pm
and boy a quick pass to greg olsen resulted in a 39-yard touchdown catch. down 14-10. hester for a touchdown catch. and bears led the rest of the way. and today emphasis on another defensive effort. >> the offense like that. cubs are rolling as they try to finish their series. two singles in the 2nd. and may see more playing time after this. moments later tyler colvin was hit in the chest by the end of a protecten bat. he was rushed to the hospital. word is that he will be okay. >> that's six in a row as they
12:41 pm
win 13-3 as they start the final home stand on tuesday. sox, they have lost six in a row. tied with the tigers and they get one more and win 9-7. sox came back from being down in the 9th. the illinois lottery draw something next. ♪
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an animal rescue center that saved dogs and cats -- cats in illinois could close its doors. save a pet needs half a million dollars by the end of the year to stay open. the agency has rescued 40,000 animals. 40,000. and animals are being treated at the center for diseases and ingrys. >> that's troubling as the absence of the money. we worked to save the lives. for the ones that are here, their lives can be in jeopardy. and for information op how to help go to links. the freeze trees hunt is on
12:46 pm
again. a search for the free 55 feet or higher was called off. >> if your spruce is high enough send three photos. a team of scientists has informed new mutations that a- - appeared to be linked to breast cancer. it looked at women who have the brca 1 gene mutation which increases the risk and ovarian cancer. the team found five few stations that identify with that gen has the greater risker
12:47 pm
cancer risks. it is published in nature of gen atlantics. childhood obesity could be linked to a virus. maybe one cause of why children gain weight. the virus attacks fat cells and they go faster. children are more likely to gain weight. the findings will find solutions to fighting obesity. the debate over engineered food heats up with modified salmon. it is effort ting hearing whether it should be aboved. and it will be the first and to construction. it could create a source that
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pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea.
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the founder of cooper's hawk restaurant is here.
12:51 pm
it just looked delicious. comfort food. >> we have been working hard. how to prepare the chicken giardiniera that we serve at the university. so, have at it. >> ready. >> go ahead. >> this is a new dish, we have a couple of chicken breasts that have been pounded out and bread crumb. parsley. we have a hot pan we'll start off with canola oil. and just a bit of butter the butter will brown the bread crumbs. >> it tooks quickly.
12:52 pm
when one side is drown it is cooking quickly. with olive oil. if you would be the overseer of this dish. >> sure. >> we have garlic. >> half of it. >> gar like is good. brings out the flavors there. i'll keep an eye on the chicken here so we don't burn it. we'll add our giardiniera. we make this from scratch. it's not overly spicey. >> this is a pickled version it's not oily. and fresh chick stock. at a restaurant the beauty is that it comes up together. we have it drowned. >> look at that chicken. >> it is very, very thin.
12:53 pm
so we're going to add butter to this to find this off. turn that up a bit. basil. >> would like to add that. >> tell me where to put. it. >> that's in the sauce. >> okay. >> parsley. >> i cannot wait to taste this. we recommend that you serve this with a potato. we serve this over a mashed potatoes. >> some butter. we're ready to to. >> we produce our own wines with the grapes from california. you hit op the spiceyness.
12:54 pm
we paired it with resling. it is very crisp. we have the breading and butter. it is a great pairing. >> you have another dish. >> to get the spectrum. >> our rips. praised for five hours. what we're pair something our october wine of the tonight. in october when you get a regular size bottle we have the
12:55 pm
five-year anniversary. >> our cheese cake. now we're talking sweet. the wipe has to be as sweet as the dessert. we're proud of winning in a competition. >> all i can say is that you have it together. and at south barrington. for information on the recipes, check out our web site. my doctor said most calcium supplements...
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aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal. just into the newsroom, take a look. a coyote is on the loose in downtown chicago. we have a picture at erie and chicago at a park where children are.
12:58 pm
there is no word where it came from. some of the people say that's is not the first time they have seen this or a coyote in the area. >> wow. >> the answer to the trivia question, which grape is not considered part of the red variety. the answer is c. >> all right. well, tom. >> it looks fabulous. >> it looks delicious. it does. >> cooper's hawk, they not it together. >> it looks good, i'll tell you that. it will get warm tomorrow. there is a warm front. look at the warm to the south of us. the 80s are headed this way. it is with the blue area to the west of us. we're going to be windy. it would not surprise me to see the gusts in the neighborhood of 40 miles an hour at times.
12:59 pm
what is happening. and northwest and west of chicago. we had 400 cloud to ground national guard and our in shouse model is showing this will continue. that's 3:00 this afternoon. here is 6:00 tonight. then the warm front comes through. back to summer if any. you see that where temperatures flirting with 90. warm and humid. 75 op friday. showers and storms. a cool weekend and it warms up nextk.

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